Play games - earn prizes

sept 14, 10 am PDT - sept 20, 10 am PDT

collect trophies and earn Reward Points to unlock brand new cosmetics

Reward Points (RP) are an in-game currency that you can earn by playing Core. With RP, you can purchase new cosmetics such as emotes, skins, and mounts. The Tanks, Wrecks, and Races event is the largest RP giveaway yet!

play games &
earn trophies

Complete challenges in the three games below. Obtain the best trophies to get the largest prizes! You can earn trophies starting Sept 14 at 10 am PDT until Sept 20 at 10 am PDT.

win huge amounts of
reward points (RP)

After the end of the event (Sept 20 at 10 AM PDT), you'll receive your RP rewards. The better trophies you've collected, the more RP you'll get. By achieving Platinum in all three games, you could earn 120,000 RP!

redeem rp for
brand new cosmetics

Use your RP to unlock new heroes, mounts, and emotes in Core's shop. Just in time for the brand new racing-themed cosmetics!

Play these games to earn trophies

Armored force

By Manticore

Engage enemy tanks and upgrade your own in the brand new tank-brawler Armored Force. Check out the trailer here!

PlacementTrophy Points
Win a match+ 100
Lose a match+ 25
Defeat an enemy+ 20
Deal damage+ .005/per damage
Capture a point+50

Points gained in a match receive a +10% multiplier per player in game.

TrophyTrophy Points Required
BronzeComplete a game (0)

Derby: World championship

By marcepan, airwaysf, Mizvi, XRStudio, & hony1717

Demolish opponents, upgrade your car, and repeat for maximum mayhem and maximum fun. Perform well to increase your total points towards better trophies.

Derby PlacementTrophy Points
1st place+ 1250
2nd place+ 750
3rd place+ 500
Finishing a match+ 200
TrophyTrophy Points Required

evolution racing

By Hephaestus.Games

Tune your car and secure the fastest lap you can. Faster laps obtain more points, ranking you up faster.

Lap TimeTrophy Points
Lap time = 2:10 or less+ 100
Lap time = 2:00 or less+ 300
Lap time = 1:50 or less+ 900
Lap time = 1:40 or less+ 2,700
Lap time = 1:35 or less+ 8,100
TrophyTrophy Points Required


trophies = rp

After the event has ended, on Sept 20 at 10 AM PDT, you'll receive RP based on the highest tier of trophy you've achieved.

Note that each game provides one trophy. You may receive a mix of trophy rarities, depending on how well you do in each game. The amount of RP you receive at the event’s end will be the sum of your trophies.
For example, getting Gold in Evolution Racing and Derby, and Platinum in Armored Force will net you 80,000 RP (20k + 20k + 40k)

You can check your current total RP winnings at any time in the leaderboard on Core World.

rp = new cosmetics

Not sure where to use all those points? Here's some suggestions:

  • By earning a Bronze trophy in each game, you'll gain 15,000 RP at the end of the event - netting you an Uncommon Emote.

  • Obtain three Silver trophies to double your rewards to 30,000 RP, enough for an Epic Emote!

  • Do well enough to earn three Gold trophies and you'll receive 60,000 RP. That's just what you need to unlock a new Epic Hero or Mount!

  • If you're skilled enough to get Platinum trophies each game, you'll receive 120,000 RP! Head over to the shop to pick out a Legendary Hero and some emotes to help show it off.

Of course, you can earn any combination of trophies from the three games, so get creative and express yourself (and your winnings) how you like!

drive award-winning vehicles

Also during this event, take a victory lap in some of the best vehicles of the Core Traffic Jam. Jump into Funkalicious' Desert Drive to cruise around a scenic world in a sweet new ride and a relaxing environment.

a new core world to explore!

Tanks, Wrecks, and Races brings a new look to the Multiverse. Take a sneak peek below:

What is core?

Core is an endless universe of games to play and worlds to explore designed by a global community of creators.

Whether you’re interested in playing unexpected takes on your favorite genres, exploring worlds with friends, or unleashing your own game ideas, Core is your portal to the multiverse.

Core is free on our Epic Game Store page. Free to enter and to play!

FAQ / Details

Where can I see what trophies I have?

Check the leaderboard in Core World.

When will I get reward points for the trophies I've earned?

Reward Points will be distributed to players once the event has ended on September 20.
Note that they will be awarded as fast as possible, but this process takes time so please give at least one week after the event ends before asking.

Where can I see the Reward Points I have now?

Your current Reward Point balance is listed in the Core in-game menu. Navigate to the menu by pressing the 'esc' key, and look near the top-right corner.

How do I redeem my points for new cosmetics?

Navigate to the in-game "shop" tab. There you should see the cosmetics available for purchase with your reward points.
We also have a help center article for additional instruction on purchasing content, and this article to see where to find your new items.

Where can I see the official rules?

Contest Period
Begins: September 14 2021 @ 10:00 AM PT
Ends: September 20, 2021 @ 10:00 AM PT

How to Enter
Play any of the following three (3) Core Games: Evolution Racing, Armored Force, or Derby: World Championship (each, a “Game”) during the Contest Period to score trophies. The highest tier of trophy obtained during play for each of the three (3) games, at the end of the Contest Period, will be eligible for prizing.

Each of the four tiers of trophies (bronze, silver, gold, and platinum) awards the following Reward Point (RP) amounts:

Bronze: 5,000 RP
Silver: 10,000 RP
Gold: 20,000 RP
Platinum: 40,000 RP

The maximum possible award is 120,000 RP from earning a platinum trophy in each of the three (3) games (40,000 RP x 3 games).

RP awards can be of mixed value from different trophy rarities, capped at three (3) total trophies (1/game). For example, earning two (2) bronze trophies and one (1) gold trophy earns the user 30,000 RP (20,000 + 5,000 + 5,000).

Users can view their RP award total by checking the leaderboard in Core World.

Reward Points will be awarded after the Contest ends.

This Core Contest is subject to Core Contests Official Rules

What if I have more questions?

The best way to get help is through the dedicated Discord contest channel, #tankswrecksraces-discussion.

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